Kiss Land, Love Cats, Sea Wolf (left to right)

TP —> http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Legione/216/168/22

Added Colours!

New (much needed) colours added to the store! They’ve been added to these: Back to Black, Black Mirror, Flower Door, Alabi, Marmalade, Tainted Love, Teen Lovers, & True Affection! Welcome them to the family!

little bones. Flower Door & True Affection

Released NOW In-Store!

—-> maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Legione/216/165/22

little bones. Black Mirror Gacha!

25 per play, come try it out!!

Get over here!

little bones. Alabi & Marmalade @ The Chapter Four!

They will be in the Two-For-One room, buy one get one free! <3


little bones Tainted Love & Teen Lovers

(Tainted Love shown in Beach Bum from the Roots pack, and Teen Lovers shown in Icicle from the Ombre pack.)

Come and get them at SLFW this Friday, January 17th!

Just waiting for the opening! I’m all set up. :]

Little Bones @ The Hipster Fair!

Three hairs premiering this month at THF: Awful Sound, Bullfighter Jacket, & Neon Bible! 

NEW Roots Hair Pack!

The new colours are currently available for Mermaid Motel & Dayglo Reflection (pictured) being released tomorrow for SLFW!

I have good things to update as well!

ALL the hair textures are being redone, to look much softer as well as a more defined look at the same time! I can’t wait to update the hairs! <3

RELEASED NOW. I hope you enjoy it. :] 


brokenorfan said:
Hello Nova! Do you still do custom profile pictures? Yours are really pretty and I would love to set something up (if you do them still). But you are a busy person so, if not, do you know any others who do them? :)

I still do them, yes. Send me a message in-world and we’ll set something up!

Coming Soon <3